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Case Histories

We detail ways we’ve helped professional designers realize intentions — from napkin sketch or defined direction — on to deft execution.

Techsign design development and results are in accord with the originating designer’s intentions.

With but a tweak or two from our intimate insight, we can elevate a project’s feasibility, appearance, functionality, durability, or value.

Developing signage with faux light transmissive acrylic

A custom recipe for light transmissive acrylic solving a need and dilemma for this News Agency.

A large interior sign suitably finished for close proximity

The secret behind a 20-foot long plaque that shows fit and finish normally seen in signs 10 times smaller.

The unprecedented use of acoustical foam in signage

7-foot high letters punched out of a wall of acoustical foam overlooking tops of Times Square skyscrapers.

Fast tracking hedge fund signage

A variety of sign types visualized and fabricated on the run.