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Depicted is our system of name signs called Window that is self-updating for cubicle, workstation or office. Save on the cost and lead time to have a sign company furnish updates. We furnish these for New York locations and elsewhere.

Window nameplates are designed for fast and inexpensive updates that you do yourself. Laser print names onto locally available paper or clear overhead transparency material using a software template of our design. Signs can be fashioned to accommodate more than one name per. Change anytime and as as many times as you wish.

We recommend Adobe Illustrator for doing the names. It includes capabilty to do templates with locked layers, show positioning guidlines that are non-printing and have trim marks that print. And you can freely position a name. Use an ordinary office trimmer to safely trim names apart.

Window signs consist of two pieces of material that are joined top and bottom creating a niche within; decoration covers the adhesive that would otherwise remain exposed. The result creates a window from which you see the lettered name. Access to the nameplate is from either open end. These are more inexpensive than the rest due to the simpler construction method.

There are personalization options. Decoration is done with silk-screened color or metal overlay. These can be done in any color and in virtually any practical dimension. Space can be set aside for the display of ADA location numbers and / or the client's logo. The signs shown on this page were custom designed per project.

Material can be in metal or plastic. We use metal laminates such as faux stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Finishes include satin, brushed, polished, sandblasted, anodized or painted.

Office signs look complete with an array of signs identifying people. We follow the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act using code required raised letters and Grade II Braille copy equivalent when you need location numbers on your Window nameplates.

Deploy one of the designs shown on this page or hire us to design one especially for you.

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