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This gallery is dedicated to general purpose room function office signs for New York and elsewhere. These are plaques that follow the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act. These signs usually feature code required raised letters and Grade II Braille copy equivalent. Some are done otherwise in accordance with the project requirements.

TECHSIGN furnishes beautiful identification signs for rooms that all employees and visitors can visit in the workplace.They identify rooms like Copy Room, Lunchroom and so forth. Graphics and graphic elements can include letters, ruled lines, borders, accents, flourishes, swashes, borders and frames. Some are engraved, done in vinyl or in almost any other method and they are done in various materials.

Material can be in metal or metal laminates. We use metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Finishes include satin, brushed, polished, sandblasted, anodized or painted. Brass or bronze can be oxidized in dark statuary finish; hand-buffed to a light, antique finish, or somewhere in between.

Material can be in solid or laminated wood, including mahogany, cherry, ebony, maple, oak or any available hardwood and laminate.

Material can be in acrylic plastic, gravoply, phenolic, either clear, painted, polished and sandblasted.

Ask us about any material you have in mind that is not mentioned here. If it's feasible, we can do it.

Painting is expertly color matched to your company colors, using PMS (Pantone Matching System), or by copying standard paint manufacturer’s colors, such as Benjamin Moore, Glidden and others. We use Matthew’s acrylic polyurethane paints, that furnish rich color that is both scratch and UV ultraviolet lIght resistant.

Let your design imagination run wild or hire us do the design work for you.

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