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TECHSIGN furnishes beautiful custom personnel nameplates and signs for New York locations and elsewhere. Personnel nameplates identify people for the office, cubicle or workstation.

Featured on this page are nameplates that we update for you, using various sign making techniques. This is the way nameplates were done before the advent of personal computers and laser-printing.

  • There are firms that do not wish to do their own updates and can handle the lead time to receive them.
  • Other firms will combine this kind of sign for upper echelon workers, reserving self-updated signs for rank and file.

Design parameters expand when freed from a self-updating feature requiring a chamber of sorts. You can do richer materials in the sign body and in unlimited shapes, sizes and dimensions.

When freed from the requirements of black laser-printed lettering, names can be done in color, perhaps in light tone against a dark field.

Name signs designed without restrictions can achieve greater visual similarity to other sign types in a given project. Signs can be fashioned to display more than one name per. Names are done with applied vinyl, silkscreened or engraved. Magnet is used to hold the nameplate in place. Custom nameplate signs can feature the cient's logo and /or ADA location numbers. The signs shown on this page were custom designed per project.

Material can be in metal. We use metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Finishes include satin, brushed, polished, sandblasted, anodized or painted. Brass or bronze can be oxidized in dark statuary finish; hand-buffed to a light, antique finish, or somewhere in between.

Material can be in solid or laminated wood, including mahogany, cherry, ebony, maple, oak or any available hardwood and laminate.

Material can be in acrylic plastic, gravoply, phenolic, either clear, painted, polished and sandblasted. Ask us about any material you have in mind that is not mentioned here. If it's feasible, we can do it.

Office signs look complete with an array of signs identifying people. We follow the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act using code required raised letters and Grade II Braille copy equivalent when you need location numbers.

Deploy one of the designs shown on this page or hire us to design one especially for you.

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