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Hedge Fund Signage on the Fast Track

How Small Projects Transform into Accomplishments

hedge fund signage on the fast track

Process is as important as results. Rush situations present up to 3 hurdles:

  1. Needs analysis continuing into the fabrication phase.
  2. Revision from aesthetic reconsideration.
  3. Rework necessitated by discovery:
    • Conditions contrary to assumptions initially conveyed.
    • Surprising contractor site preparations.

Summarized signage service

The following took place upon the client representative's pairing of Techsign with the project architect.

Conserving Design Firm's Time

Techsign attended 2 brief in-person meetings:

  1. Kickoff orientation
  2. Client presentation

Techsign carried on with minimal oral instruction and observing 3 visuals furnished by the project architect.


Speculative design development

Techsign documentation prepared within 2 weeks included:

  • Scanning and tracing the client's logo.
  • Suggesting an alternative logo.
  • Drawing scaled elevations with signs in place.
  • Showing signs in 4 options.
  • Creation of actual color and metal samples to show.
  • A budget projection for all options.

Prior to commencing documentation, an express site visit was made to acquire whatever as-built dimensions were available.


Consistent performance throughout

In the midst of production, Techsign expediently fielded random change requests that:

  • Added signs.
  • Changed signs.
  • Altered layouts and messages.

Techsign proactively solved problems as seen fit and performed extra service at no charge.


6-page presentation

Spiral-bound prints were presented at the client's office.

Post-meeting decisions and specifics that followed

Meeting decisions

  • Selected:
    • Client logos - Use the original logo, done in taupe.
  • Changed:
    • Map sign - Swap color to taupe background, off-white copy.
    • Lectern - Eliminate background panel, put taupe graphics directly on the lectern.
  • Added:
    • Reception lobby logo in taupe.
    • Distraction stripe in Dusted Crystal.
  • Okay as presented:
    • All of the small ADA plaques.

Individually added while in production

  • Pictograms:
    • Recycling and Trash
  • Fire safety plaque:
    • "Fire Hose Cabinet Located Within"
  • Additional egress map:
    • To cover the accidental hole done by the millwork contractor opposite the elevator call buttons.

Individually changed while in production

  • Landlord requested that Stair A / Stair B include extensive reentry text that necessitated a larger background size and a specific layout.
  • Egress map sign saw a few changes as per the following section:

Spotlight on Egress Map Sign

Floor plan changes requested by participants

Third plan (below right) contains 2 changes requested separately:

  1. Alternate the colors to prevent red appearing over taupe.
  2. Eliminate Bank B.

map plans schematic

Shop drawing change by Techsign

Applied ingenuity helped accommodate the unexpected configuration built by the elevator and millwork contractors.

elevator shop drawing correction


It was no accident that every minor detail was made to work while proceeding.

Signage works, in part, when signs are conscientiously specified to accommodate surroundings and physical conditions.

It's part of Signs that Work™ — Techsign’s framework of priorities that address Communication, Aesthetics and Practicality.

Learn more about Signs that Work on our main page.