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Top 25 CPA: Rebranded Twice NY to CA

Design / Build by Techsign under Leadership of Mazars Marketing and Office Managers | New York Office

mazars sign closeup

Mazars USA is the independent U.S. member firm of the Mazars Group – a prominent international accounting, audit, tax and advisory services organization with 20,000 professionals in more than 86 countries on six continents.

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weiser logo sign

Our rebranding for the firm always commenced at the New York office of what is now Mazars, USA LLP

Our orders came from the Marketing Manager and Office Manager of the New York office.

  • 2002 Techsign furnished the branding change from M.R. Weiser & Co., Inc. to Weiser. We followed up with re-branding regional offices.
  • 2010 Techsign commenced design development of the combined logos of Mazars and WeiserMazars. This led to rebranding offices coast to coast.
  • 2016 Techsign commenced design development of the change to Mazars USA LLP. Multiple offices were changed in rapid succession, extending from coast to coast.
weisermazars signs in rack

New York leadership preferred a premium appearance from one source: Techsign

Depicted are signs built in series and destined for distant offices.

Both WeiserMazars and Mazars signs were done in multiple sign-making techniques. The graphics and handling had to be meticulous with each go ‘round. That is part of what makes a product premium.

Multiple sign-making techniques make for one rich presentation. Few color methods are as beautiful with subtle surface characteristics as genuine spray paint and silk-screen print. We used dimensionality and color as a means of guiding the eye and suggesting which message on the sign was primary and secondary. We suggested a specific gray for the tagline so that it would recede into its own quiet voice.

New York leadership preferred development and project management from one source: Techsign

Take a peek at a pop-up list of services rendered for our turnkey project at Mazars USA LLP.

What helped us gain preferred status is unflagging service and quality. The client had previously known us to vigorously attend to the most minimal requirement, punctually arrive when needed on short notice, often commence service on speculation, perform periodic free service, expedite delivery at no additional charge, and thus far have met every deadline with perfection in the finished result.

Although there’s anticipation of getting the next upcoming project, we ultimately work for it and we take nothing for granted. We answer all questions, explain expenses and justify them, ultimately to arrive at figures satisfactory to both parties.

weisermazars shop drawing

First problem solved

How to retrofit the prototype wall without involving contractors to remodel for the sign.

Millwork had existing inlaid stainless steel decoration asymmetrically dominating the primary branding wall. The client preferred we cover it up in sign-making material, rather than hiring a millwork contractor to redo the wall (with all the expense, disruption and downtime that would entail).

Our solution handily covered it up in 1 hour — but it took a lot of behind the scenes activity to make it seemingly effortless on site.

Prototype wall required a bit of coverup

When Weiser became WeiserMazars, our client asked that we cover inlaid stainless steel left by others.


It was no accident prior branding looked Brand New while rebranding

Appearance lasts when signs are conscientiously specified to handle surroundings.

It's part of Signs that Work™ — Techsign’s framework of priorities that address Communication, Aesthetics and Practicality.

Learn more about Signs that Work on our main page.

Techsign Development Services for Mazars USA LLP

  • Review photos of European Mazars signs
  • Receipt and handling of 2 logos done by others
  • Color visuals showing ways to combine logos.
  • Budgeting
  • Survey by physically visiting
  • Survey at distance by other means
  • Examine and solve special circumstances or requests
  • Scaled elevations for preliminary approval
  • Full size drawings for on site evaluation
  • Shop drawings of sign construction
  • Specifications that describe details
  • Prototypes for a see and touch comprehension
  • Fabrication of the products
  • Soliciting prices for installation service
  • Crating and delivery to destination
  • Project management duties