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Library Signage

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Custom signage design for a local Library

The Director of Sayville Library asked Techsign to design signage.

The Library was operational with assorted signs that would remain. Prominent signage was needed at several key areas, each area bearing varied decor. Setting aside notions of a signature look, our approach was specific to each area. Fonts, materials and colors varied, to coordinate per-area and per-sign.

After having created the custom signage design package, we were invited to bid on furnishing the signs. We felt honored to be awarded.

This color array was our donation to the cause. There was insufficient budget for it, but we wanted to do it to help support the Library.

The colors, arranged by location and by sign, enabled the Library Director to privately meet with the Board during a weekly session and evaluate each combination in context.

Monitors or printed inkjet color cannot convey the accuracy and richness of actual coatings and materials.

Here’s a Help Desk area we were asked to handle.

Some photos we took were intended to be used as the basis of drawings; other photos wound up imported into drawings and had scaled sign drawings superimposed over them.

Graphics seen here are from a font bearing lettering and icons done in Arts and Crafts styling.

We super-sized the font icons and played with the line vectors on screen resulting in this treatment. The Library Director looked forward to using the same font for various materials unrelated to signs.

Here's the result. It’s a digital print, overlaid with dimensional lettering positioned over a faux drop shadow.

The Library Director called each floor a Level, and she wanted a directory-type sign to show what can be found on each Level.

Our idea was having a right side Index. Whereas the left side showed each Level's contents; the right side showed contents to be found on Levels.

This is the finished sign. It's a digital print mounted onto polyvinyl chloride substrate.

The Library Director asked that we replicate the index portion for a column located near the entrance.

Seen here is signage destined to go away.

Many signs in the Library came from local signage people and from internet sources. There were lots of these kinds of signs

We tried to be creative in avoiding the use of directional arrows. The Library Director liked this approach for this particular location.

Here’s the result. These are ordinary applied vinyl letters in a stock color, creatively pressed into service.

Child and Parent Services had a juicy spot for a sign. It needed some exacting attention in order to handle this high vantage point in addition to being seen from an opposing vantage point at the lower level.

Design drawing included a friendly font.

Here’s the friendly font seen from the lower level vantage point. Solution in this case was painted acrylic plastic.

The Circulation Desk needed something.

Our drawing made the attempt to fulfill the need.

The result took advantage of the expanse. Cut acrylic plastic letters with paint finish, floated from the wall. Services plaque hung underneath, finished all around. It was affixed with continuous architectural aluminum angle painted the same color as the sign background.

Budget limited the coverage of what could be done in some instances. Coverage in this area of work was restricted.

Drawing depicts a misty, leafy scene with faux wooden letters, ostensibly emerging from trees. The font promoted a woody feel.

Directly across from this surface was an enormous decorative handcrafted tree that we believe was there since the Library was built.

The Library Director’s message requirement here was: “Elevator to all levels. Downstairs to Meeting Rooms and Art Gallery.”

Here we see multiple techniques. Digitally printed plaque, applied vinyl letter, individually cut and painted letters and graphic elements. The ampersand was the first element to go up.

For the exterior sign, we selected a stock item from a trade partner, Gemini. The key with this kind of pre-made letter is ordering the right size and positioning letters in a manner that works for the destination.

The letter style was chosen to complement an existing sign owned by the Library. The existing sign was incised into a background plaque and gold-filled; basically the reverse of the projecting prismatic style we advocated for this exterior sign.

Here’s a parting shot — in the exact sequence having been done right before we left for the day. The color contrast supported legibility, despite deep offset shadow and shadow-filled counters imposed by the waning sun.